Foods That Target Problem Area Fat

foods that burn problem area fat

Most people carry around extra fat, some more than others. It seems that even if we try to work out that part of our body to slim or trim, we still struggle, whether it be to keep the weight from returning, or to prevent bulking. The reason for this is not enough consumption of foods that target problem area fat. If you were to increase your fat fighting foods and combine them with strength training, you would target and burn fat.

To Get Rid of Problem Area Fat, You Have to Do More Than Just Eat Right

Put simply, in order to eliminate fat from the body, you need to take a multi-step approach.

First, you need to eat right so you can reduce the amount of fat that you are getting into your body from your diet, and so you can reduce the number of calories that you are not burning, resulting in them being stored as fat.

Beyond that, of course, you need to get active. However, you need to exercise by doing a combination of cardio (this will help burn through calories and fat) and strength training (this will help build muscle that will then help boost your metabolism, even while you are at rest) to burn more fat naturally throughout the day. Also, don’t forget rest days, too!

And, finally, you can target problem area fat by eating certain foods, such as those that are discussed below. 

Belly Fat

When targeting belly fat, your diet is going to need foods high in protein and fiber. Almonds are the best for fighting belly fat, but only if they are raw and uncooked. Other foods that target belly problem area fat are avocados, dark chocolate, semi sweet chocolate, flaxseed oil, macadamia nuts, all-natural or organic peanut butter, olive oil, pistachios, sunflower seeds, and walnuts. Additionally, any exercises that are upper body and lower body are going to help burn the fat in your belly because muscle burns fat no matter where it is in your body. Any exercises you do are going to workout your core additionally.

According to Fox News, some simple food swaps can make a big difference when problem area fat is found in your belly area. Those swaps include the following:

  • Snack on nuts instead of chips
  • Enjoy fresh fruit instead of fruit juice
  • Have Greek yogurt instead of ice cream

Butt and Thighs

When you are bottom heavy, focus more on what you should not eat, rather than what foods target. The number one worst food for your butt and thighs is margarine, or anything with hydrogenated oil or gas. A lot of those foods include bread, pastries, donuts, or any other refined carbohydrate bread products that contain hydrogenated oil. The best foods that target butt problem area fat are proteins like eggs and chicken, fruits, and vegetables. When exercising, focus on exercises that target back, butt, and thigh areas. Make sure that you stretch well before and after your exercise so there is no uneven bulking of muscles.


The foods that target problem area fat for arms are lean meats, chicken, turkey, eggs, and fish. Also, high fiber fruits and vegetables, paired with complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, whole grains, whole wheat, and oats. It is important if you are looking to lean arms to also do a lot of stretching, eat 60-90 minutes before your workout, engage in resistance training for at least ten minutes at least 3 days a week preferably before any cardio or strength training exercises. Arm exercises can also be done with dumbbells and worked into a combo exercises, such as a squat with weights.

Stock Your Kitchen with Foods That Fight Problem Area Fat 

There are a variety of foods that you can incorporate easily into your diet when you want to flush more fat from your system with less effort. Just remember that, no matter what, you still need to take other steps, like following a low-calorie eating plan packed with natural foods, and exercising consistently every week.

What are some of the foods that can help flush problem area fat from your body? The list below is a great place to start. Incorporate the following foods into your homemade meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • Guacamole – If you are a fan of guacamole, you will be thrilled to learn that this food contains healthy fat that can help stop your body from distributing fat in your belly area. Plus, this nutritious food can also help fill you up fast, and keep you satisfied for longer, so you end up consuming fewer calories overall.
  • Sweet potatoes – Who says you can’t enjoy potatoes when you are hoping to get rid of problem area fat? Just switch to eating delicious sweet potatoes! This nutritious food is digested slowly, so it can help you stay full for longer. Plus, on top of that, it also contains carotenoids, which can help stop calories from being stored as fat. Nice!
  • Cayenne pepper – This ingredient can be a natural appetite suppressant, and because it can help the body transform the food you eat into the energy you need, it is also a great addition to your diet when you want to target problem area fat, such as the fat in your belly.

In Conclusion

When exercising, certain areas can be more stubborn, but if you are eating foods that target problem area fat that will be a thing of the past. Belly fat is mainly about what you are eating, a diet rich in protein and fiber. Butt and thighs are all about foods to avoid but there are still some things to make sure you include like lean meats. Foods that target arm fat are important, then again so is how you work them out. Resistance training is the best exercise for arms, it increases flexibility, increases strength, however, it does not give you a bulk like lifting weights. Foods that target fat, are also foods that are good for disease prevention and for overall good health.

Foods That Target Problem Area Fat

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