Two Simple Tricks to Make it Easier to Swallow Diet Pills

Do you have trouble swallowing pills? Perhaps you tend to gag a lot, or you get anxious because you’re worried that you’re going to choke. Or, maybe you have a physical condition that inhibits your ability to easily and comfortably swallow pills. This can be particularly frustrating if you want to swallow diet pills to take a product that will help support your weight loss efforts, but you always have trouble with getting those pills down.

Well, according to Harvard Health Publishing, there are actually two easy tricks that you can try in order to make it easier to swallow pills, and we outline these two strategies below.

Technique #1

Rather than trying to take a small amount of water in your mouth from a glass when you need to swallow pills, try what is known as the pop-bottle method. This is particularly useful when you need to swallow tablets.

Start by filling a plastic bottle with water. Put the pill on your tongue. Then, tightly close your lips so that they are around the opening of the bottle.

With your lips in position, drink from the bottle. Use a sucking motion in order to swallow both the pill and the water, making sure you don’t allow any air to get in.

Technique #2

Another technique that you can try, particularly if you need to swallow diet pills in capsule form, is what is know as the lean-forward method.

Begin by placing the pill on your tongue. Then, take just a sip of water. Make sure you don’t swallow.

Next, tilt your chin down toward the chest. With your head bent, swallow the water and the pill.

Find the Cause of Your Swallowing Troubles First

Before giving these tricks that make it easier to swallow diet pills a try, talk to your doctor. It is important to determine what is actually causing your troubles when you go to swallow diet pills, or any other pills. It isn’t a good idea to try these techniques before you have answers, especially if there is an underlying physical problem that is causing your struggle with swallowing pills.

If your doctor tells you that you can try the strategies above the next time you have to take your dose of diet pills, go ahead. You might discover that you are finally able to get the pills down your throat without any difficulty.

Two Simple Tricks to Make it Easier to Swallow Diet Pills

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