Travel Safety and Top Cities for an Awesome Trip to Mexico

If you have travel safety on your mind and yet you still want to head to Mexico, you’ll be happy to know that the country is far safer than you’ve likely been led to believe. Sure, there are areas with problems. News headlines have made those more than evident. However, the country is a large one and it’s extremely easy to avoid any problematic areas. In fact, many places that had once been rather dubious are now very tourist-friendly.

You may be surprised to see how many places are now quite high on the travel safety list for tourists who want to enjoy a calm and worry-free vacation.

Best Cities for Travel Safety

Check out some of the best cities for travel safety in Mexico. That said, keep in mind that there isn’t a single crime-free large city in the world, so you should take the same precautions in these places as you would anywhere else. Be aware of your surroundings, lock your accommodation and vehicle doors and don’t walk around with a visible wallet or expensive electronics. It doesn’t hurt to know a few Spanish words in case you need to request directions or assistance, too.

Mexico City

Surprise? Many people are. After all, Mexico City spent many years building a terrible reputation. That said, over the last fifteen years, it has worked very hard to promote travel safety and has become the safest large city in the country. Many of the spots that travelers were once warned not to wander into are now some of the best tourist neighborhoods in the country.

Punta Mita and Puerto Vallarta

These two cities are about a half hour from each other and are both located on the country’s Pacific coast. They’re easy favorites of people seeking an eco-tourism adventure or a fantastic spot to surf. If you’re seeking luxury accommodations, there’s no shortage in this area with lots of new high-end hotels and private oceanfront luxury villa rentals within easy reach. These cities have been well known for being great for travel safety for many years.


Despite Merida’s location, it has managed to remain outside the struggles with drug violence that have impacted some of the southern regions in Mexico. Many people suspect that some of the kingpins in those operations had purchased second homes in this city for exactly that reason – to escape the danger and enjoy travel safety from where there are problems. Regardless of whether that rumor is true, Merida is beloved for its slow-paced, friendly, colonial nature and the high level of safety for both locals and tourists.

Travel Safety and Top Cities for an Awesome Trip to Mexico

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