How to Use Fat Interaction Pills with a High-Fat Diet Like Keto

Are you thinking about following a high-fat diet, such as the keto diet? Are you also considering using a fat interaction pill? What are some of the things that you should know when combing a high-fat diet with a fat interaction pill like Alli or Xenical? Continue reading to learn more so that you can take the right approach when working towards shedding excess weight.

How Do Fat Interaction Pills Work?

According to WebMD, products like Alli are referred to as lipase inhibitors. They work by blocking the absorption of fat from the foods that you eat throughout the day.

By preventing your digestive system from absorbing as much fat as it normally would, the fat that you consume ends up being removed from the body when you go to the bathroom. Over time, when used correctly, these products may help you lose weight, but they do come with some precautions and risks that you should consider before deciding to take them.

Should You Use Fat Interaction Pills with a Diet Like Keto?

If you are overweight, and if you have been struggling to lose weight through diet and exercise, you might think that a fat interaction pill is your next best bet. And, if you have been hearing about the potential benefits of a fatty diet like keto when it comes to shedding pounds, you might even be thinking that you will try a combination of a high-fat diet and fat interaction pill. Is this a good idea, though?

It turns out that, when taking a fat interaction pill like Alli, you should actually be following a low-fat diet. Eating high-fat foods increases your odds of experiencing unpleasant side effects, such as loose stools, having more frequent bowel movements that are difficult to control, and oily spotting.

Bottom line: choosing between a diet like keto and a fat interaction pill is recommended, as these two don’t go well together.

How to Use Fat Interaction Pills with a High-Fat Diet Like Keto

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