Dangerous DNP Pills

Fat loss pills are a part of an industry that is worth billions of dollars, as people all over the world do their best to try to reduce their weights so that they can also decrease their risks of heart disease, diabetes, and even some kinds of cancer. Unfortunately, not all diet pills that are marketed as being helpful in this effort are as friendly as their labels would suggest.

A number of doctors and medical experts are warning dieters about this type of product, such as the more recent caution that has been issued about the “dangerous” ingredient called DNP. That ingredient is found in many fat burning pills that are marketed for dieters as well as to bodybuilders. Unfortunately, this ingredient can produce a number of strong side effects, and its use has even been associated with several deaths.

DNP is the short name for the chemical called 2,4-Dinitrophenol. It is an industrial chemical and is considered to be poisonous to humans. However, this has not stopped it from being used in some pills and other products under labels that claim that it will help to reduce fat levels on the body. A few searches online can rapidly bring up a list of different products that are sold online.

Symptoms of poisoning from DNP consumption can include dehydration, dizziness, sweating, fever, headaches, vomiting, rapid breathing, and or an irregular heartbeat. Though all of these symptoms may be present, they could also appear individually or in any number of combinations. It can also lead to coma or can be fatal.

A letter was issued by Sir Harry Burns, the chief medical officer in Scotland, to doctors throughout that country in order to advise them of the use of DNP and to watch for symptoms associated with poisoning from pills and other supplement products that contain that ingredient.

At the time of the writing of this article, there have been 16 cases of DNP poisoning throughout the United Kingdom and 3 deaths. It is believed that the products that were taken before those poisonings were advertised as Fat Burning, Yellow Fat Burner, and Pure Caffeine 200mg.

According to chief medical officer Burns, “DNP is a dangerous supplement that has resulted in serious illness and even death. I’d like to remind people that DNP is an industrial chemical that is unfit for human consumption.”

The Food Standards Agency has issued a similar warning about those pills and is now working with councils and police to target their illegal sale.

Dangerous DNP Pills
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