Alli or Xenical: Choosing Between OTC or Prescription Orlistat

Choosing Between Alli or Xenical

Choosing the weight loss pill that you will be taking is a big decision. You are selecting the style and strength of a chemical – be it natural or manufactured – that will be having an impact on your body and/or brain. This can also help to determine how successful your diet will be. If you have decided that Orlistat is the way for you to go, then you may wonder whether over the counter Alli will be enough, or if prescription strength Xenical would be a better option.

Getting Started with Alli or Xenical

By learning about both Alli and Xenical, it can help you to determine both if Orlistat is the right type of medication for you, and which strength is best for you if it turns out that Orlistat is the option that will help you to shed those extra pounds.

Your first step in this process should be to visit your doctor. Even in the case of Alli, just because you can get it without a prescription, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. Your doctor will help you to know whether this is the right type of treatment for your unique needs and medical history. You may find that one of these is the perfect option, or you could actually discover that there are other pills out there that are better suited to your style of dieting and your weight loss expectations.

What is Xenical?

To start, Xenical is a prescription drug. It contains 120 milligrams of Orlistat and is available to you only if your doctor prescribes it to you. It is a type of drug that is known as a lipase inhibitor – or fat blocker – which means that it stops the body from absorbing as much fat from the food that you consumed.

The fat that is “blocked”, simply passes right through you and out with the rest of your body waste. It is very important to consume a reduced calorie and lower fat diet along with the use of this drug. You need to eat less fat even though you’re taking a fat blocker, because having to pass that much undigested fat in your stool can lead to very unpleasant side effects such as abdominal cramping, flatulence, and oily/loose stool.

What is Alli?

Alli contains the same Orlistat medication, only at a much lower dose (60 milligrams). In this way, the non-prescription drug is meant to work in the same way, by blocking fat absorption, only not to such a powerful degree. This pill must also be taken with a reduced calorie and lower fat diet in order to be effective. The potential side effects when taking this pill are the same as the prescription strength, only they are less likely to be as strong. This also means that dieters will need to work harder because the benefits are not as powerful, either.

Be certain to compare both the benefits and the drawbacks before making your final decision from among Xenical, Alli, or an entirely different weight loss pill.

Alli or Xenical: Choosing Between OTC or Prescription Orlistat
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