3 Incredible Weight Loss Stories to Inspire Your Own Journey

incredible weight loss stories

Looking for some inspiration for your weight loss journey, especially when things get tough? Then continue reading to learn about just three incredible weight loss stories that prove you could lose a lot of weight when you put your mind to it.

1. Kathleen Golding

Kathleen Golding is the type of person who has dealt with weight problems for the majority of her life. In her early 20s, she started using food as a means to cope, and she was dealing with depression and anxiety as well. This led to daily food binges that included a lot of unhealthy fast food, and she ended up weighing in at 331 lbs. before she knew it.

When she chose to make a change, she didn’t know that she would turn into one of the most incredible weight loss stories, but her first step on her journey involved undergoing gastric bypass surgery. This gave her the help that she needed to jumpstart her weight loss, and she took it from there, losing 178 lbs. through diet and exercise.

2. Audrey McLaughlin

Even though Audrey used to be athletic, she eventually became overweight, unhappy, and tired all the time. That is when she decided that she had to lose the excess pounds and get her life back. Through mindful eating, she lost 45 pounds, making her story yet another one of the most incredible weight loss stories.

She continues to work on slimming down, and she gets the job done by eating only when she feels hungry, regardless of what time of day it is. She checks in with her body while she’s eating to see how hungry she still feels, and she stops eating before she feels stuffed.

3. Megan Rachow

Megan had been obese for a few years before she decided to make a change because she was exhausted every day. Even though she thought that it would be impossible to lose the weight, she told herself that it was something that she needed to do. She started by cutting out unhealthy foods and drinks, such as soda and fast food, and she started cooking more of her meals at home.

As she lost more weight, Megan started challenging herself with different workout routines. And when everything was said and done, she lost a whopping 170 pounds, making this yet another one of the most inspiring weight loss stories.

3 Incredible Weight Loss Stories to Inspire Your Own Journey

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