Does the Location of Your Fat Put You at Risk?

location of your fat risk

Excess body fat is bad for you, regardless of where it is located on your body. But is there more to it than that? Could it be that having fat in certain parts of your body puts you at a greater risk of developing illnesses? The answer is yes! So keep reading to learn about how the location of your fat could put your health at risk.

Fat in Your Belly Area

If you tend to carry the majority of your fat in your tummy, you might have more fat surrounding your organs. This is why fat in the midsection is considered dangerous. Contrasted with subcutaneous fat that lies just underneath your skin, visceral fat that surrounds your organs could boost your risk of having excessive inflammation throughout your body. Also, your risk of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes could increase. Here’s a trick to tell what type of belly fat you have: if you lie down on your back and the fat in your stomach doesn’t end up sticking up, that fat is likely sitting under your skin. But if the fat ends up sticking up, making you look as though you are pregnant, it is probably the more dangerous visceral fat.

Fat in Your Back

What if you have a lot of fat in your back? Well, people who have excess back fat tend to also have a lot of belly fat, so the health risks are similar to those that are associated with too much fat in the midsection.

Fat in Your Arms

Do your arms look flabby? Then you might be carrying some fat in your arms, and that could be an indication that you actually have extra fat within the muscles. This type of fat is referred to as ectopic fat, and it has the potential of increasing your risk of insulin resistance. A combination of cardio workouts and upper body strength training routines could be a good way to reduce or eliminate this fat before it could cause problems. Remember, no fat burning supplement, even a prescription like Phentermine 37.5 results in targeted fat loss. However,  you can make your arms appear less flabby by toning the muscles underneath.

Other Parts of the Body

Carrying too much fat on any part of your body could end up putting excess strain on the heart, and that could increase your risk of disease. On top of that, too much fat could also lead to a lack of stamina, sleep apnea, and joint pain, so keeping excess fat at bay is important to feeling well.

Having an understanding of the various parts of your body where excess fat could be stored, and knowing what types of fat could increase your risk of developing problems, will help you keep an eye on your health in a new way.

Does the Location of Your Fat Put You at Risk?

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