When Weight Loss Surgery Goes Wrong: The Risks

Before deciding upon whether you will go through with weight loss surgery, you should know what the potential risks are. Talking to your doctor about the risks versus the benefits of this type of surgery is imperative. And you also need to be open with your doctor about any medical conditions that you’ve had or are currently dealing with, as well as any supplements and medications that you are taking.

To help you make the smartest choice for your health, we’ve compiled some information below to let you know about some of the risks involved with weight loss surgery, and what could happen when things go wrong.

The Potential Short-Term Risks

When weight loss surgery goes wrong, you may be exposed to some damage in the short-term. This includes excessive bleeding and infection, as well as lung problems, breathing problems, and blood clots. Your body might even have an adverse reaction to the anesthesia that is administered for the procedure. But more severe side effects could include a leak in the gastrointestinal system, and there is also the rare risk of death from a weight loss surgery. Discussing these potential short-term risks with your doctor before you elect to have this surgery will help you determine if it is worth it.

The Potential Long-Term Complications

In addition to the short-term risks that come with weight loss surgery, there are also long-term complications that may occur. These could vary depending upon what type of weight loss surgery you choose to have. Generally, however, these long-term risks could include gallstones, bowel obstruction, hernias, stomach perforation, vomiting, ulcers, low blood sugar, and Dumping syndrome, which leads to nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. You may also end up suffering from malnutrition. And, in rare cases, people have even died after having weight loss surgery.

How to Stay Safe

The best way to reduce your risk of complications in the short-term and in the long run is by working with an experienced doctor and medical facility. So, go about choosing your surgeon with care, and be sure to talk about all the risks in advance.

Remember that weight loss surgery is just one of many options that are available today to anyone who has experienced difficulty with slimming down. There are prescription diet pills online, over-the-counter weight management products, diets, and exercise programs that could all potentially help without the severe risks that come with surgery, so definitely consider those as well.

When Weight Loss Surgery Goes Wrong: The Risks

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