Green Tea Leaf Extract in Diet Pill Formulas

If you drink green tea, you already know that it can provide a host of health benefits. But what about green tea leaf extract? Often found in natural weight loss supplements, does this ingredient really help you shed excess pounds? Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Green Tea Leaf Extract?

Green Tea Leaf Extract is derived from green tea, whose leaves contain a host of substances, such as caffeine, that could assist with weight loss by improving fat burning, exercise performance, and energy. Beyond that, however, green tea is also known for its powerful antioxidants, which are known as catechins, and it also contains Epigallocatechin gallate, which is more commonly referred to as EGCG. It is this substance that can boost your metabolism, thereby assisting with weight loss further.

What Have Researchers Said About Green Tea Leaf Extract?

Green Tea Leaf Extract has been studied extensively, and researchers have determined that it could assist the body’s natural weight loss efforts by boosting the fat burning rate. Experts found that this ingredient could cause a measurable difference in terms of the amount of weight lost when they compared dieters who took it versus those who did not. The key, however, is to ensure that a dieter is also eating right and exercising regularly (including doing cardio exercises) while taking this supplement.

A study also discovered that Green Tea Leaf Extract could increase the amount of energy expenditure significantly in a 24-hour timeframe. And the study even found that adrenaline levels amongst patients were higher when they took Green Tea Leaf Extract.

Yet another study found a link between using Green Tea Leaf Extract and inhibiting the lipase enzyme in the gastric system and pancreatic system. On top of that, this ingredient could enhance thermogenesis, during which the body temperature rises as more calories and fats are burned to create the heat.

Other research found that Green Tea Leaf Extract could boost the levels of hormones that dictate when fat cells break down fat, thereby releasing fat into the blood and making it available for energy. And studies have shown that it could increase metabolism and help you burn up to 4% more calories daily.

Should You Take Green Tea Leaf Extract?

If you are hoping to use natural substances to assist you on your weight loss journey, Green Tea Leaf Extract is a great choice. It has been researched and proven effective, and it can benefit not only your weight, but also your overall health.

In Conclusion

Rather than drinking green tea, a more effective and easy way to derive the benefits of this plant is by taking a supplement. You can find weight loss products that contain formulations including this ingredient with others to boost its effects.

Green Tea Leaf Extract in Diet Pill Formulas

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