Kettlebell Exercises That Strengthen Your Shoulders

Kettlebells are a fantastic alternative to dumbbells, and they can be used to add more variety to your workout routine. Plus, you can purchase some to keep at home, so you do not have to go to a gym to use them.

If you wish to target your shoulder muscles in order to bulk them up and strengthen them, kettlebells can come in particularly handy. Check out a few exercises that will strengthen your shoulders below so that you can put your kettlebells to good use.

The Turkish Get-Up

One of the most well-known kettlebell exercises is the Turkish Get-Up. Beware that this is a complex exercise, and you will be working your shoulders a lot in order to maintain proper form. But this workout is also guaranteed to strengthen your shoulders, so it is definitely worth adding to your routine. You can do anywhere from just 1 to 5 reps on each side.

Start on your back with your left leg extended flat on the floor angled at about 45 degrees from your body. Your right knee can stay bent. The right hand should be holding the kettlebell and it should be lifted straight towards the ceiling.

Roll up onto your left elbow, keeping the kettlebell lifted. Push up to your wrist, lift your hips towards the ceiling, and then come into a kneeling lunge by bringing your straight leg behind you. Come up to standing and then reverse the movement back to the floor, all while maintaining that weight above you.

Kettlebell Press

Another great workout to strengthen your shoulders is the kettlebell press, which is a basic workout that beginners can try.

Start by standing with a kettlebell in one hand. Swing it down between your legs (your feet should be at least shoulder-distance apart), so that you can get momentum and swing it up until your arm is bent and the weight is in front of your shoulder.

Make your core strong and then push that weight up to the ceiling, keeping the weight stacked above the shoulder so you don’t push the arm out too far. Inhale before you begin the movement and exhale as you push the weight up. Avoid shrugging the shoulder that is doing the movement.

With these workouts added to your routine, you are sure to get amazing results and stronger shoulders in no time at all. Always focus on your form, especially when working with kettlebells, to prevent injuries.

Kettlebell Exercises That Strengthen Your Shoulders

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