Why Weight Loss Surgery is so Effective When Dieting Alone Fails

When you have tried diet and exercise in the past and you have either been unable to lose weight or keep the weight off, you are bound to become extremely frustrated. Well, research is now telling us that following a restrictive diet could actually increase your impulse to consume high-calorie foods, and that can make losing weight even harder. The solution to obesity seems to be weight loss surgery.

When dieting fails, here is why weight loss surgery is so effective.

What Recent Research Has Stated

More and more studies are now finding that weight loss surgery is so effective because it can provide long-lasting results that simply can’t be achieved with diet and lifestyle modifications alone. And if you are one of the many individuals who suffer with diabetes in addition to obesity, researchers have found that weight loss surgery can even help to reverse the diabetes as well.

A study known as STAMPEDE (Surgical Therapy and Medications Potentially Eradicate Diabetes Efficiently), which was published by the New England Journal of Medicine, is the biggest trial that examined the effectiveness of treatments available to people with diabetes and obesity. It found that over 90% of people who underwent bariatric surgery lost 25% of their weight.

Specifically for Obese Patients

Weight loss surgery is so effective for obese patients, in particular, because obesity is a condition that actually has quite a lot to do with biological issues within the body that can’t be changed by dieting alone. Lifestyle modifications might be able to help those who are merely overweight, but for those who suffer with obesity on a chronic basis, the body seems to actually maintain the condition, making it much harder to lose weight. At that point, dieting, exercising, and even taking weight loss supplements or prescription weight loss pills will probably be ineffective, but weight loss surgery will be able to deliver results.

If you have really been struggling with losing weight and you are tired of putting in all of the effort without getting the results, consider undergoing weight loss surgery with a trusted doctor. The most common procedures include gastric bypass, adjustable gastric band, biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch, and sleeve gastrectomy, and your doctor will be able to direct you to the option that is best for you. You are likely to be very pleased by the long-term results that you can achieve with this type of procedure.

Why Weight Loss Surgery is so Effective When Dieting Alone Fails

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