Low Testosterone and Weight Gain: What Research Shows

Researchers have now determined that low testosterone in aging men could actually lead to weight gain, in addition to low energy levels. If you are a man and you are finding it difficult to maintain a healthy weight and you have been experiencing unexplained weight gain, your problem might actually be that your body does not have enough testosterone. Keep reading to learn more about low testosterone and weight gain so you can find a solution that will bring your body back into a state of balance.

Understanding the Relationship Between Testosterone and Weight
Even though experts have not figured out the precise biochemical process that lets testosterone cause weight gain, they do know that low levels of this hormone can be caused by obesity. Ultimately, a vicious cycle develops between a man’s weight gain and his testosterone level.

Put simply, body fat, which has an enzyme used to convert testosterone into estrogen, causes the body to have too much estrogen and too little testosterone. When a man has extra estrogen within the body, it is prompted to slow down its production of testosterone, and that causes even more body fat, particularly in the belly area, to accumulate.

In men who already suffer with low testosterone levels, having too much body fat could make the problem worse. Therefore, low testosterone and weight gain are related, and if you are a man who is getting older and gaining weight around the middle, your hormones might be part of the problem, but it might be hard to determine whether being overweight is the main problem, or if low hormone levels are the real culprit.

Lose Weight to Increase Testosterone
Men who are overweight and make it a point to lose that weight could end up naturally raising their testosterone levels without having to take any testosterone supplements. As your weight begins to reach a healthy level and your testosterone increases, losing even more weight will become easier.

The best way to lose weight once you have reached that point is to change your entire lifestyle. You need to work very hard to overcome the connection between low testosterone and weight gain, so you will need to change the way that you eat, you will need to dramatically increase your activity level, and you need to be consistent in your efforts. Taking a weight loss supplement might make the process easier, and you can certainly talk to your doctor for some weight loss advice as well.

Low Testosterone and Weight Gain: What Research Shows

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