Calories in Thanksgiving Pies Per Slice

Thanksgiving and pie go hand in hand, but this combination could wreak havoc on your diet and fitness plan, as well as you overall health. Sugary baked treats may taste sweet, but they need to be limited, especially around the holidays when they seem to be everywhere you turn. Check out the calories in Thanksgiving pies per slice below so you can make the wisest choices at the dinner table.

Pumpkin Pie
If you are a fan of pumpkin pie, you can expect to take in around 316 calories per slice. On top of that, a slice can have around 14 grams of fat, despite the healthy pumpkin puree that is used to make this delicious treat. If you want to limit your calorie intake to around 200 calories, cut a pumpkin pie slice that is about 2.4”.

Pecan Pie
When it comes to calories in Thanksgiving pies, if you want to limit the amount of calories and fat you’re eating, you should avoid the pecan pie. A slice will have around 503 calories. Even though pecans and other nuts can provide a good amount of protein and healthy fat, if you overdo it with the pecan pie, you will be taking in far too many calories.

Apple Pie
A slice of apple pie has 411 calories, along with 19 grams of fat. To reduce this amount, cut yourself a slice that is roughly 1.75”, as that will drop the calories down to around 205, and the fat content will be reduced to around 10 grams. Limit your intake of apple pie, despite its deliciousness, so you can still treat yourself without going overboard and ruining your diet or your waistline.

Cherry Pie
If you are a huge fan of cherries, it is probably really hard to resist a slice of cherry pie, but if you do indulge, you could be ingesting about 22 grams of fat and 486 calories. A healthier alternative would be blueberry pie, cut into a 1.75” slice, as it will have around 203 calories and 8.75 grams of fat.

Despite the many calories in Thanksgiving pies, there are ways that you can make them healthier. For example, use plant-based alternatives to dairy milk, butter, and eggs, and look for recipes that are diet-friendly without having to sacrifice flavor. Also, don’t forget that portion control will go a long way in limiting the number of calories you consume.

Calories in Thanksgiving Pies Per Slice

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