Unusual Ways to Beat Cravings When You’re About to Cave

Hunger cravings for your favorite foods can definitely take you off your game when you’re attempting to slim down and get in shape. You may find yourself struggling to overcome the cravings when they happen, and you may find that you end up caving and eating unhealthy foods because you just can’t help yourself. But there are several ways, including the unusual ways below, to beat those cravings even when you’re ready to give in.

Quick, Do Something Distracting!
One of the best ways to beat cravings is to get your mind off of them, so doing something distracting can be your go-to method for curbing your hunger. Just make sure that you don’t end up doing something that ends up triggering more hunger. For example, if you’re used to snacking while watching TV, you shouldn’t try to distract yourself with a movie or show. Instead, you can try reading a book, looking through photos, calling a friend, doing some stretches, drawing, cleaning, organizing, or even napping.

Do Something That Makes You Happy
A lot of people end up getting food cravings when they’re in a bad mood or they’re emotionally unstable. If you tend to crave your favorite foods when you’re lonely, anxious, stressed, or bored, it’s because your body is seeking out those ingredients that make your brainfeel better. But try your best not to cave. Instead, one of the better ways to beat cravings is by making yourself feel happy. Whether you go to the park and sit in nature for a while, dive into your favorite book, watch a comedy special on TV, buy yourself something nice, spend time with friends, or take an hour to be totally free to do whatever you desire, even if that means doing absolutely nothing, choose an activity that uplifts your mood and eliminates boredom.

Detach Yourself from the Craving
Rather than trying to push the cravings away, viewing them as bad things that need to eliminated, just accept them. Sit with them, look at them with a level of detachment, and tell yourself that those cravings aren’t really you, but rather just passing emotions. Like other emotions that come and go, your cravings will pass, and they’re totally natural. Rather than fighting the cravings, let them go with calmness.

These might appear like some pretty unusual ways to beat cravings, but you may be surprised by just how effective they are. When you stick with these strategies and control your cravings, you’ll end up feeling better because you’ll ultimately be in control.

Unusual Ways to Beat Cravings When You’re About to Cave

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