How to Break a Candy Corn Addiction (Or Any Other Sweet)

The fall season and Halloween are here, so it is that time of year when candy can be found just about everywhere you go. One of the most popular candies of this time of year is candy corn, but eating too much of it certainly will not be good for your health. So if you have a candy corn addiction, or an addition to any other sweet treat, continue reading for a few ways to break your addiction and stay on the track towards health and wellness.

Eat More Fruit
When it comes to sugar addiction in general, which is part of the reason for your candy corn addiction, you need to take steps to replace those sweets with a healthier option that will still satisfy your sweet tooth. A good way to do this is by eating more fruit, which has fructose that is satisfying but isn’t metabolized like candy. If you can restrict the amount of fruit that you eat to just a few servings each day, you can reduce your risk of diabetes and belly fat. Just don’t eat too many cherries or grapes, which are high in sugar.

Get Enough Magnesium
If you are addicted to chocolate, you might be deficient in magnesium. You can have your doctor check your magnesium levels, and he or she may recommend taking a supplement. Otherwise, you can instead start eating foods that are rich in magnesium, such as legumes, nuts, tofu, and dark leafy greens.

Avoid Buying Foods That Feed Your Addiction
This is where willpower comes in, as you will need to have the strength and resolve to not purchase any Halloween candy, including candy corn, that will end up being a temptation around your house. You can purchase one bag of treats to hand out to the kids on Halloween, but stay away from making purchases during the rest of the season. Avoid going down the candy aisle at the supermarket altogether so you can keep your focus on overcoming your candy corn addiction and eating healthy.

These are a few easy ways that you can overcome your addiction to any sweet treat, including candy corn. Remember to keep your mind on your goal, and it will become easier and easier with each passing day. Before long, you will be wondering why you were addicted to those foods in the first place and you will not even want them anymore.

How to Break a Candy Corn Addiction (Or Any Other Sweet)

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