The Worst Condiments with Eye-Opening Health Consequences

Condiments are designed to make your food taste even better, but not all condiments are good for you. It turns out that there are many condiments that you should avoid as much as possible in order to maintain your health and your weight. Check out a short list of some of the worst condiments below so you can steer clear of them and make the best dietary choices.

It will probably disappoint you to learn this fact, but ketchup is actually pretty bad for you, and it makes the list of the worst condiments out there. It is low in carbohydrates and calories, as well as saturated fat, but it is also high in sodium and sugar. So rather than using this condiment on everything from your burgers to your French fries, you should instead opt for a homemade salsa. Or, if you absolutely can’t live without ketchup, purchase a low sodium version.

Yet another one of the worst condiments on grocery store shelves is the very popular Sriracha sauce, which is a must for many people who absolutely love the spiciest of spicy foods. But, even though this condiment has few carbs and calories, and even though it is also low in fat, it is high in sodium, which is detrimental to health. It also has a lot of added sugar, which is bad news as well. Stick with a salt-free version if you can find one, or use good old cayenne pepper instead.

Like ketchup, mustard is probably in your cupboard for use in a variety of meals, but this condiment is yet another one that is high in sodium. If you use this condiment along with other sodium-containing condiments, it will all quickly add up. Stick with using only one or two teaspoons of mustard so that you can keep your sodium levels in check.

Soy Sauce
A major offender in terms of sodium content is soy sauce. Just a couple of tablespoons will provide you with more sodium that you should be getting in an entire day. So even though you might crave this sauce when enjoying the very best Asian cuisine, stick with low sodium varieties. Also, because soybeans are often genetically modified, always stick with organic soy sauce to rest assured that you aren’t consuming any GMOs.

While you can certainly enjoy the condiments above, you should do so in moderation, especially if you are concerned about the amount of salt that you consume.

The Worst Condiments with Eye-Opening Health Consequences

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