Exercises That Burn the Highest Calories Per Hour

Not all workouts are created equal. There are exercises that burn the highest calories per hour, and these are the ones that you should incorporate throughout your workout routine in order to get the best fat burning and calorie blasting results.

Keep reading for a short list of exercises that you must do if you’re keeping track of how many calories you burn during every workout session.

Burpees are definitely challenging, even for those who are already in great shape. Considered one of the exercises that burns more calories than running, you can incorporate this simple yet intense exercise into your cardio or strength training sessions, and you can do them anywhere because they don’t require the use of weights. Aim to complete at least 10 burpees every minute so you can burn 14.3 calories every 60 seconds.

Jumping Rope
Jumping rope is another exercise that can burn the highest calories per hour. Women can burn an average of 750 calories every 60 minutes by practicing an invigorating, challenging, and dynamic jump rope routine, while men can burn a whopping 850 calories every hour. If you follow a moderate intensity, you can probably jump anywhere from 100-120 times every minute, and that will burn 13 calories per minute. Plus, this workout utilizes more muscles than jogging, while at the same time challenging your coordination and balance.

Tabata Jump Squats
Tabata is a very popular workout program, but even if you just incorporate Tabata jump squats into your routine, you’ll gain muscle, slim down, and burn plenty of calories along the way. Spend a mere four minutes doing these squats. Perform eight rounds of jump squats at 20-second intervals with 10 seconds of rest, just as you’d do for any Tabata workout. You can burn 13.4 calories each minute. Plus, this exercise will double your after-workout metabolic rate for at least a half hour.

Battling Ropes
A College of New Jersey study compared different workout styles, and battling rope exercises were in the test. This workout came in first place when researchers found that it increases oxygen consumption and can burn an average of 10.3 calories per minute.

Indoor Rowing
If you do a half hour of vigorous rowing, you can burn almost 13 calories per minute. You’ll also be using the muscles throughout your arms, back, and legs, so it’s a total body workout that will get you strong and lean.

These are just a few of the best exercises that burn the highest calories per hour. With consistency, you’ll definitely start seeing great results.

Exercises That Burn the Highest Calories Per Hour

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