Muscle versus Fat: The Calorie Burning Difference

When trying to lose weight, it is important to think about how many calories you can burn. This will depend upon a few different factors, such as your resting metabolic rate, your genetics, and your daily physical activity level, as well as what you eat. However, if you have a higher amount of lean body mass, your body will be able to metabolize any calories that you eat more quickly than if you didn’t have lean body mass. Keep reading to learn more about muscle versus fat and the amount of calories that each burns.

How Many Calories Does Muscle Burn?
If you are comparing muscle versus fat, you have to remember that people with a higher lean body mass are able to burn through calories more quickly than those who do not have a high lean body mass, because their resting metabolic rate will be higher. This basically means that the more muscle you have, the higher your resting metabolic rate will be. Even though there have been some claims made that muscle will burn through calories at a rate that is 30 times the rate of fat, the truth is that every pound of muscle will help you eliminate roughly six calories every day. The amount of calories burned per day is called muscle’s daily metabolic rate.

How Many Calories Does Fat Burn?
Fat metabolism is known as lipolysis, and for each pound of fat, your body will burn through only about two calories every day. In other words, muscle’s daily metabolic rate is roughly three times the daily metabolic rate of fat. So even though it is not as high as some experts claim, it is definitely a good reason to decrease the amount of fat in your body while increasing the size and strength of your muscles.

What Should You Do?
Now that you know the difference between muscle versus fat when it comes to burning calories, what should you do? Well, you should start by eating a diet that is filled with nutritious, low fat foods. Combine this healthy diet with a steady and consistent workout routine that always tests your limits so you can continue losing fat, burning through calories, and building more muscle. This will, in turn, burn even more calories while you are at rest. All of these steps combined will help you slim down quickly, so the effort will be more than worthwhile.

Muscle versus Fat: The Calorie Burning Difference

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