Why Belly Fat Is Dangerous to Your Overall Health

Belly fat, also known as abdominal fat, is responsible for a number of health problems today. The fat that resides just below your skin is known as visceral fat and does not contribute to your overall well-being. The reason it is known as visceral fat is because it rests between the spaces of your visceral organs, such as the stomach or the intestines. Unfortunately, excess fat does more harm than simply causing you to wear a larger pair of jeans. It affects the way your body works. Here’s why belly fat is dangerous for your overall health:

Affects Blood Sugar Levels
People with excessive belly fat are prone to suffering from insulin sensitivity. This makes them susceptible to a number of diseases and disorders, such as resistance syndrome and type-2 diabetes. Additionally, belly fat is dangerous and is closely associated with metabolic syndrome, a disorder that indicates insulin resistance. Metabolic syndrome can cause patients to become susceptible to heart conditions, diabetes and hypertension. Insulin resistance makes it difficult for your body to regulate blood sugar levels, leading to high blood sugar.

Causes Back Pain
While being obese is not a primary cause of back pain, excessive belly fat may cause your center of gravity to shift, exerting additional pressure on the lower back muscles. This weakens your abdominal muscles, causing the muscles along the back, legs and rear to compensate for the load. Excessive pressure damages muscles and connective tissues that eventually restrict your joint mobility that ultimately increases your likelihood from suffering from sprains and back pains.

Weakens Joints
As you age, you are more likely to suffer from joint pain, especially around the knees, back and hips. Additionally, growing older may trigger pain around your feet and ankles as well. Contrary to popular belief, the primary cause of this pain is not weak joints: it is weak abs. Weak abdominal muscles causes the body to put excess strain on the joints when you are exercising.

Sleep Apnea
People who suffer from excessive belly fat are more likely to suffer from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a disorder that might literally cause you to stop breathing for a few seconds in the middle of the night. This gets in the way of a peaceful night’s sleep and might even cause you to snore.

Follow a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise because belly fat is dangerous to your health.

Why Belly Fat Is Dangerous to Your Overall Health

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