Are Body Compression Garments for Weight Loss Effective?

Recently, there have been several claims that using body compression garments for weight loss has proven helpful. Manufacturers producing these garments also claim that it helps people lose weight even if they are not doing anything at all. Simply wearing compression garments during the day is enough to lose a few pounds every week. People have also witnessed major differences by wearing these body compression garments for weight loss during exercise.

The Science behind Body Compression Garments for Weight Loss
The science behind this phenomenon is rooted on the neoprene band which is worn around the waist. The band eliminates stomach fat without effort. The band causes the body’s temperature to rise and when you start sweating, your body starts burning fat.

Body compression garments can cause you to sweat even if you are not doing anything. In reality, wearing these garments only causes you to lose water weight and not necessarily fat. When our body loses water, it appears much thinner. However, once you rehydrate back to a healthy level, the weight is back to its previous level.

Body compression garments are generally worn after a weight loss surgery to quicken the healing process and for reducing pain levels. Consistent pressure on a wound diminishes swelling for enhancing blood flow to the region that needs healing.

It may be argued that these garments only give the illusion that you have lost weight by making you look thinner. Often, wearing these garments is useful during a party or an event. When you take these off, your body may actually appear bigger owing to swelling.

No method can guarantee 100% weight loss results. Internal organ damage and problems in circulation can be a concern, although more research has to be done to study its complete effects your health and wellbeing.

Are They Effective?
Some people believe that wearing body compression garments for weight loss will make you lose the urge to exercise. As you are able to fit into your favorite clothes and consider yourself thinner, the motivation to exercise and diet fades away. A majority of compression garments tuck away tummy fat which is believed to be the most dangerous type of fat on our bodies. This fat produces hormones that increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart complications, gallbladder problems, and diabetes along with several types of cancers.

Potential Side Effects of Body Compression Garments for Weight Loss
Wearing these garments for losing weight can also lead to a number of serious issues. Some of these are listed below:

  • Muscle tone loss
  • A heatstroke in extreme heat conditions
  • Lack of motivation to exercise
  • Dehydration

It is important to remember that compression garments are only meant for temporary weight loss and no real or sustainable weight loss is observed.

Are Body Compression Garments for Weight Loss Effective?

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