The Top Holiday Weight Loss Strategies

The holidays are just around the corner and it won’t be long until you start looking for every opportunity to stuff your plate with creamy mashed potatoes and allow yourself to have second servings of dessert. Yes, it is quite difficult to watch your weight during the holiday season but it is not an impossible task. By following the correct holiday weight loss strategies, you can keep those extra calories at bay. Here are some effective holiday weight loss strategies you can use:

Trick Your Mind
One of the best ways to lose weight in the holidays is to stay off those extra calories by eating from smaller plates. Smaller plates make your portion sizes look bigger and confuse you into thinking that you have already had enough food. Another trick is to regularly sip water while you are eating your meals. This will make you feel full and will keep you from overeating.

Weigh Yourself Regularly
You don’t want to know that you have gained 5 pounds after the holidays are over. Weigh yourself regularly so that you get an early warning signal. This will prevent you from going off track and will motivate you to keep those extra calories off bay.

Start Substituting
Are there some dishes that you absolutely cannot do without this holiday season? We’ll, start substituting unhealthy ingredients with healthier options. In some cases, you won’t even taste the difference. There are various websites that can help you out in making delicious meals without all the unhealthy ingredients. Another trick is to keep away from calorie loaded salad dressing. Choose low carb salad dressings, drizzle your salad with some olive oil and top it over with some herbs so that your meals are on the healthier side.

Be Picky
Instead of piling your plate high with every item on the buffet, be picky. Too often, we load up our plates with food items which we do not particularly like. When going out for dinner, take the time to survey the dishes which you really want to try. Once you have found something you like, eat it in moderation. Do not starve yourself at a friend’s dinner or in a party as it can cause you to start craving unhealthy food afterwards and that can cause a lot of trouble for your weight.

Avoid Banking out Calories
A lot of people think that banking out calories is an effective holiday weight loss strategy, but it is not. If you are going to starve yourself for the entire day just so you can eat out at night or have dinner with your friends, you might be doing more damage to your weight than you think. This is because when you are starving or hungry, it gets easy for you to go out of control just at the mere sight of food. If you are planning on having a fancy Christmas dinner, snack throughout the day so that you can off extra calories at mealtime.

The Top Holiday Weight Loss Strategies

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