The Newest Weight Loss Procedures of 2015

Losing weight has never been easy, but in 2015 things have gotten a lot easier. You no longer have to spend hours starving yourself or weeks in and out of the gym. All those tiresome days are behind you, which means there is no more excuse for not losing weight. The easiest option for you is the modern weight loss procedures which have been introduced recently. Here’s a look at a couple of the newest weight loss procedures of 2015:

Weight Loss through Gastric Balloon System
The gastric balloon system is a new weight loss procedure that has been introduced in 2015. This procedure does not require surgery. The balloon is ‘slid’ into the stomach through the mouth. Once the balloon is inside, it partially helps fill up the stomach. This causes a person to feel full, preventing them from overeating.

This procedure is for people who do not qualify for other weight loss procedures. This is a procedure that will assist obese people from overeating. The balloon has been designed to help people who want to lose up to 40 to 60 pounds in a short time. The gastric balloon system helps reduce the risks that come with surgical methods for weight loss.

Primary Obesity Surgery Endolumenal (POSE)
The Primary Obesity Surgery Endolumenal (POSE) is a procedure in which the surgeon inserts a small endoscope inside your mouth that will find its way into your stomach. The surgeon will use the endoscope to create folds inside your stomach. This will make you feel full and prevent you from binge eating.

Like other surgeries, this does not focus on just simply sucking out fat from your body. POSE helps encourage one to lead a healthier lifestyle. It is a long-term procedure. As it is a relatively new procedure, a lot of information about it has not yet been made available but earlier results have shown people are able to lose about 30% of their body weight in a short span of time.

There are some risks that come with this procedure though. Some people have experienced sore throat, diarrhea and nausea. It is also been said that long-term effects of this surgery can damage the esophagus and even the stomach. It takes a few days for someone to recover from the procedure. The struggle does not end after the surgery, as you still need to maintain your diet and also work out regularly.

The Newest Weight Loss Procedures of 2015

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