The Most Common Weight Loss Surgery Complications

Going under the knife is a risk, regardless of the procedure you are undergoing. There are risks associated with bariatric surgery as well, even though the purpose is to improve your health. If you want to lose weight quickly, opting for weight loss surgery is a viable option but before you go ahead with it, it is important you know about the most common weight loss surgery complications:

Blood clots and internal bleeding are an ever-present risk during surgeries and weight loss surgery is no exception. Clotting occurs most commonly in the legs and lungs. These complications can occur during the surgery itself. In addition, infections are a common complication of weight loss surgery, with at least 5% of patients developing an infection after the procedure is done.

Removal of fat from the body can cause the skin around the belly and other fat-intensive areas to sag. The excess skin emerges in the form of folds and rolls. The commonly affected areas are the stomach, hips and breasts. This can ruin your appearance and dent your self-image. People often have to undergo surgery to have the excess skin removed, which can cost thousands of dollars.

8% of people who undergo weight loss surgery develop gallstones within a year. This is because the excess cholesterol is sometimes not removed from the body and it can lodge in the bladder. Gallstones are painful and causing numerous health problems, particularly if they find a way into the blood vessels. This is one of the most dangerous weight loss surgery complications.

The gastric band placed inside your body can slip, and this is more common than you expect. At least 2% of people who undergo weight loss surgery suffer from this. This causes symptoms such as nausea, heartburn and vomiting. Not to mention, you will have to get the surgery done again to replace the gastric band. In some cases, the gastric band causes food intolerance, even though it may not affect an individual for several years after the surgery.

The level of self-consciousness a person faces increases when he/she undergoes weight loss surgery. With a reduced capacity to eat and a different body, you can suffer psychological issues when adjusting to life after weight loss surgery. This is quite common but it is one of the least discussed weight loss surgery complications. In certain cases, counseling is the only way out.

These are the most common complications people experience after undergoing weight loss surgery.

The Most Common Weight Loss Surgery Complications

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