Low Calorie Foods That are Perfect for Barbecues

Summertime is here and you are more than likely excited to get outside and enjoy all that the season has to offer. But if you are on a diet, sometimes the summer can be hard. All of those parties and invitations are a lot of fun and provide some great foods, but finding low calorie foods that stay within your diet can be difficult. Just because you are on a diet does not mean you have to give up the good foods you enjoy. Look at some of these great low calorie foods that you can find at your next barbecue and see just how delicious and nutritious summer can be.

1. Grilled chicken—grilled chicken is an excellent source of protein and comes with very few calories. When it is placed on the grill, you will still get that smoky taste you like without all the drama of the calories. Just make sure that you are not adding any extra sauces or oils on top or you begin to add on more calories.

2. Corn on the cob—this is one of the staples of barbecues and will become one of your new favorite low calorie foods this summer. You can eat the corn straight from the cob if you would like, place it in the microwave, or eat it the way that tastes the best. The recommended way to eat corn on the cob, at least to get the most summertime flavor, is to place it on the grill and cook it up.

3. Grilled veggies—it is possible to eat any kind of veggie that you would like at your summer barbecue. Just fill up a little bit of tin foil with your choices, place them on the grill and then enjoy. These are the ultimate low calorie foods because you can eat vegetables all day and struggle to meet your calorie requirements.

4. Fish—at some barbecues, you may find that it is possible to get fish such as shrimp and crab. These are even better than chicken when it comes to being low in calories and high in protein. Just make sure that your portion does not have a lot of butter on it or the calories, and nutrition, go out the window.

5. Fruit—just like veggies, fruit can be wonderful at a local barbecue. Try and see if you can find a bit of watermelon; this has hardly any calories and is full of water to refresh you during the hot summer.

Try out a few of these options at your next barbecue and see just how easy it is to enjoy summer while sticking to your diet.

Low Calorie Foods That are Perfect for Barbecues

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