How to Afford Weight Loss Surgery Cost

Losing weight through diet and exercise can be extremely difficult for obese people. Surgery is the last resort but can prove a lifesaver. But the high costs of surgery make them think twice before choosing this weight loss method. We share with you the ways to afford weight loss surgery cost without worrying about the hassle of paying the bills.

Weight Loss Surgery Cost

Weight loss surgery requires you to spend a lot of money. According to The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), you could have to spend as much as $20,000 to $25,000 to cover the weight loss surgery cost. The cost of the surgery depends upon a number of factors, including:

What Kind Of Surgery You Are Having?

The cost of the surgery depends on the type of surgery you are opting for. The options available to you include gastric bypass, flexible gastric banding, stomach stapling or vertical gastric banding, biliopancreatic diversion and sleeve gastrectomy.

How Much Does the Surgeon Charge?

This cost depends on the surgeon you select to perform your operation and the complexity of the procedure.

The Place You Are Getting the Surgery Done 

The hospital you choose may also charge additional costs, such as anesthesiologist’s fee, device fees, and follow-up procedure fees.


  • You can apply at the Weight Loss Foundation of America for a free surgery grant. This grant helps you afford gastric bypass if you fulfill the following requirements:
  • You have a health clearance for surgery
  • You don’t have health insurance and have been denied full or half coverage
  • You must generate at least 10% of the funds by volunteering at the Weight Loss Foundation of America.

Charity Care

If you fall in the category of Federal Poverty Care, then you can have your gastric bypass surgery financed through charity care. The hospital requires you to prove your surgery is to address your health issues related with weight. You will need to fill a financial assessment form and proof of your source of income.

Payment through Your Surgeon

Most surgeons offer free seminars that teach you how to manage the finances for the surgery and all about the surgery itself. If your weight severely affects your health, the surgeon may operate on you free of cost, as part of their pro bono, giving back initiatives.

Health Insurance

If you have health insurance, you can cover your weight loss surgery cost by showing the health related aspect of it. Do not present it as a cosmetic surgery. Instead, ask your surgeon to prepare the reports to highlight the health related issues with your weight. Cardiac problems and sleep apnea can be major reasons to go under the knife.

So, keep these pointers in mind and you will be able to pay for your weight loss surgery without hassle.

How to Afford Weight Loss Surgery Cost

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