A Guide to Eating for Your Blood Type

As per many popular diets based on the role that our blood type plays in our weight and metabolism, eating for your blood type could help you control your weight and even lose the extra pounds. According to these popular diets, a person’s blood type has an effect on how the food they eat reacts with their gut lining and how it is digested. By consuming foods that cause inflammation in your gut, you can slow down your metabolism as well as look bigger than you are due to the bloating caused by inflammation.

Efficient digestion improves metabolism by speeding it up and causes efficient use of fat as fuel which increases energy as well as reducing stress and taking away all the related negative effects that make us feel drowsy and dull all day, even when we just woke up. People who eat according to their blood type swear by these results and exclaim that they have never felt better or healthier. They claim they never want to eat the foods that caused inflammation in their gut and they would never go back to eating the way they did before.

Eating for your blood type can help you get rid of most of your health problems, including headaches, pain, bloating, constipation, gas, weight gain, dull skin, lack of energy, mental fog, depression and many more health problems as well. According to these diets, people with blood type O should get most of their nutrients and calories from fruits, vegetables and meats. They should focus on keeping their carbohydrate count low by focusing mainly on whole foods. They should stay away from grains and dairy products as well for optimal health.

People with blood Type A, on the other hand, should focus solely on vegetables. They should stay away from meat and eat a lot of dairy, grains and vegetables as well for optimal health. People with blood type B should focus on eating a lot of green vegetables as well as eggs. The meat they should ideally consume should come mainly from lamb or fish. If they want to consume dairy products, it should be the low or reduced fat variety. Grains and seeds should be avoided as well as chicken and corn.

For people with blood Type AB, it is ideal to eat a lot of vegetables with a little meat added for variety. However, dairy and meat should be eaten limitedly twice a week, ideally. Seeds, wheat and corn are all foods that should be avoided as a rule. They should also stay away from coffee and limit consumption of alcohol as well.

If you are thinking of eating for your blood type, do not cut out all the foods immediately from your diet as this will cause undue stress.

Instead, focus on eliminating one food group from your diet at a time until you feel comfortable without that particular food group. Slow and steady is the way to go.

A Guide to Eating for Your Blood Type

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