Top Obesity Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

There is such a focus on health and wellbeing these days, and for the most part that’s a good thing. Getting healthy is always a priority, but you want to be sure that you do it for the right reasons. Along with the good comes the bad, which is an increased pressure to get skinny and look a certain way. Out of that negativity comes a disdain for those that are very overweight, as people believe that this is all within an individual’s control. There are some obesity myths that must be dispelled once and for all, as this can be a condition that can be very challenging to struggle through.

It’s important to note that obesity doesn’t work the same for everybody. Some people may struggle with their weight from the time that they are young, and it just gets out of control. Others may have struggled through some trauma in their life, and therefore may find that they turn to food for comfort. There is also a genetic tie to obesity that many people don’t realize, and that can account for the excess weight as well. Understanding this condition just like any other medical condition is so important moving forward.

Though there are many obesity myths out there, you want to gain an understanding and appreciation for the person struggling through it. Nobody wants to be obese and they may doing their best to lose the weight. Having compassion, and understanding what is behind these myths is important to knowing what this condition is all about.

All obese people are lazy: This is simply not true! Some people who struggle with obesity may very well be working out, but the weight comes off slowly. Other people may have some limitations, injuries, or medical conditions that prohibit them from exercise. When you see somebody that is obese, understand that they may have a unique circumstance. Try to gain an appreciation for the fact that they are not lazy, and that they may very well be trying to get healthy but it’s taking longer than they expected. This is a generalization that must go away!

Obesity only comes about from eating too much of the wrong foods: This is so false! Obesity may be hereditary or it may come about from years of unhealthy habits or emotional eating. This is one of those obesity myths that people really need to understand is wrong. Though there may be some instances where an individual eats poorly and gains a significant amount of weight, that isn’t always the cause. It’s about retraining the body and creating a healthy lifestyle, but obesity is not always the result of poor eating.

They will never be able to take off the weight and get healthy: You will find many times that obese people want to lose the weight, but they don’t know how. Though they may try to lose the weight through a healthy lifestyle, it may take more extreme measures. There are plenty of times though where a healthy lifestyle may be all that it takes to start the weight loss—and then the progress continues! Making generalizations about how an individual may lose weight is wrong, and this is a myth that must be dispelled.

Obesity comes about when people don’t care about their appearance or their health: Again, when you get to the heart of obesity myths this is about people who really want to get healthier, look better, and feel better. Believing anything other than that is just wrong! People who are overweight often want to get healthier and feel good about how they look, and they may be working hard to make changes. It’s important to have compassion and never to assume something about obesity or anything else.

Top Obesity Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

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