The Best Bodyweight Exercises for Weight Loss

Yes there is great value in building muscle on the body, we hear it all the time. If you want to shed fat, lose weight, and speed up your metabolism, then you absolutely need to be building your strength and muscle. So recognizing the true importance of this type of activity, you may wonder what the best bodyweight exercises for weight loss really are. Though some of these may be classic, they really count towards getting you long lasting results.

Lifting weights and mixing in cardio intervals is an excellent way of challenging your body and helping it to transform. You don’t need weights at first for you really want to focus on proper form. You will build your way up sooner than you think, and then you can try different variations and add resistance. The point here is to get the whole body involved in the movement. The variety and intensity will push your body into the transformation that you are after.

Though all strength training and interval based movements are effective, some stand out above the rest. If you’re after truly comprehensive bodyweight exercises for weight loss then you need to consider what will help you to burn calories and really change your body the most. These movements will help you to shed fat, add muscle, and ultimately get to the end goal that you have in mind.
These are the best of the best!

Push Ups: Yes they’re classic and they’ve been around forever, but that’s because they work! Pushups get the entire upper body involved in the movement, and they also work the core too. You are supporting yourself only with your feet and your hands as you push through the movement. You are burning some serious calories, but you are adding muscle tone to the biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, and core. Start slowly and then try different variations such as one handed pushups or Superman pushups to keep the momentum going.

Squats: This is a huge calorie burner for the lower half, and you can really add onto it as you perfect it. Focus on form by putting the glutes behind you, almost like you’re sitting in a chair. You get the entire lower half engaged and then you can add weights or try different variations as you get used to this movement. It’s a calorie burner but also a great way of toning the lower half too.

Lunges: If you want one of the best bodyweight exercises for weight loss then lunges are one of the best movements out there. You can do front lunges, side lunges, back lunges, curtsy lunges, and you work every part of the leg and lower half. Adding weight or a resistance band will only further accentuate those results, and you will notice the results almost instantly.

Mountain Climbers: This is a true fat burner as you are moving quickly through the movement and engaging the upper and lower body. You are getting the core involved as you step up your feet quickly and with purpose, so it’s a good all over body movement and huge calorie burner.

Burpees: If you could perform only one exercise, this would be the best choice! Burpees are hard to do, but they are so effective. You are jumping or moving quickly through the various stages of this so the lower body gets involved. You are supporting yourself by the hands and moving through a push up, so the upper body gets involved. It’s strength training plus cardio and that makes for one awesome exercise!

Planks: You might be surprised to see this listed as one of the best bodyweight exercises for weight loss, but it has a real place here. You are working on the core in one of the best possible ways. Once you shape and tone the core, you burn calories more effectively and work on a common problem area. These are better for you than sit ups and will go deep into the muscle tissue and give you a strong core to help you power through anything!

The Best Bodyweight Exercises for Weight Loss

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