Is a Surgically Implanted Device for Weight Loss Safe?

To those that are morbidly obese it may seem as if there are very few options out there to help take off the weight. The good news is that there are constantly new methods and products that come out which may offer help. One that has come about recently is a surgically implanted device for weight loss, which may very well help to get to the heart of the weight problem and combat it effectively. Though there are other types of surgery out there, this is the first of its kind to help get to the problem area within obesity and offer help.

This is a one of a kind product called VBLOC and it is delivered through the Maestro System. It is placed within the chest and helps to block the nerves associated with appetite. So the recipient isn’t as hungry, learns to eat smaller portions, and feels satisfied with this new learned behavior. So this surgically implanted device for weight loss is really helping to combat the issue of overeating, and with proper training and medical focus, the individual may learn and practice better habits moving forward with this extra help.

Do The Benefits Outweigh The Risks?

So since this is a revolutionary new product, many are wondering if they may be candidates for it. Though the surgically implanted device for weight loss may offer great help, it is essential to be in good health and to have all of the factors that play into this outpatient surgery. If you want to be considered for this new device you must fit the following criteria:

  • Have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40-45 or higher
  • Be at risk for potential health problems due to the obesity such as diabetes or heart disease
  • Have tried and failed at a medical weight loss program
  • Be in good enough health to successfully handle such a procedure

Doctors who are performing this procedure look at a snapshot of the individual’s health to determine if this is a good avenue to pursue. If the general health is good for the patient, but there are great risks in the future then that can be a big consideration. If the individual has really tried to lose the weight, or if they are so morbidly obese that a traditional weight loss program won’t work, then they may be a good candidate.

This May Offer Hope To The Morbidly Obese

The procedure itself only takes about 90 minutes and is an outpatient surgery. It is what the individual puts into it afterwards, and the type of diet and lifestyle that they lead which will help them to be successful.

So for the morbidly obese who assumed that there was no hope for them, this surgically implanted device for weight loss may very well be just the perfect avenue. This is a newer procedure but more and more doctors are turning to it. If you are willing to commit to a healthier lifestyle and therefore accentuate the results that the procedure will offer, then this may help you to get healthier and change your body and your life forever.

Is a Surgically Implanted Device for Weight Loss Safe?

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