What You Should Expect from Major Weight Loss

Being overweight or obese can be extremely depressing and embarrassing, especially when you are in the same room with someone who is half your size and looks like an anorexic model by comparison. Excessive body fat is also said to be incredibly unhealthy and opens doors to several conditions and diseases.

Many people who are overweight, whether obese or simply carrying a few extra pounds, work really hard toward dropping as much weight as they possibly can. Some even invest in expensive surgeries in order to get the “easy way out” of the problem of obesity and being overweight.

However, after a major weight loss, every problem does not come to an end, especially if the reason behind the dramatic weight loss is to have a better and much-improved appearance. In the process of losing weight, oftentimes, people do not foresee the potential downsides.

Expectations You Should Have from Major Weight Loss

Indeed, slimming down does have disadvantages as well. Here is a short summary of what you should expect before you pay for those diet pills or that expensive surgery for major weight loss:

Contrary to popular belief, your skin does not adjust to the shape of your post-weight-loss body. Once you have managed to drop those extra pounds, you will have to deal with the problem of having loose and saggy skin all over your body, along with stretch marks in awkward places. Sure, you can often hide these embarrassments with makeup and tight clothing, but not always.

Yes, weight loss does increase your level of confidence and improve your health significantly, but it is not the cure to all of your problems. Major weight loss may even create conflict among partners since physical changes tend to change a person emotionally as well, including in terms of higher self-esteem. A change in the personality of the person who has lost weight might make it difficult for his or her partner to approve or adjust right away.

For some people, losing a lot of weight may lead to a dramatic change in appearance. This might not always be a positive change since some people tend to look better when carrying a bit of extra weight versus their slimmed-down selves.

Therefore, the expectations people have about what their life will be like after major weight loss should be adjusted, and before paying for expensive surgeries, it would be best to weigh all of the pros and cons carefully.

What You Should Expect from Major Weight Loss

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