Weight Loss Surgery May Cause Changes in Taste

Weight loss surgery is quite safe and does not have many side effects. This is why doctors recommend it for patients who are obese and suffering from chronic conditions. A surgery to induce weight loss brings about many physical changes in an individual. They look different and even feel different. These changes are due to the fact that they are losing weight. On the other hand, they feel different because they become more active as they shed the extra pounds.

However, there are certain patients who reported changes in their smelling and tasting abilities. Due to the frequency of such reports, a study was conducted to determine why patients experience change in taste post-surgery. Almost every other patient who underwent weight loss surgery reported a change in appetite. However, there are a significant number of patients who reported a change in taste and smell as well. Out of all the patients who had surgery, over 40 percent reported a change in smell. In addition, over 70 percent reported a change in taste.

Reason for Change in Taste

The results of the study concluded that the reason for the change in taste was the changes in gut hormones. Most weight-loss surgeries involve stapling the stomach or inserting a gastric band. These alterations are bound to affect the hormones in the gut and the central nervous system. This is why patients not only feel that their appetite is reduced but also experience altered preferences in smell and taste.

Changes Associated with Weight Loss Surgery

There are numerous changes people experience after weight loss surgery. This is, in fact, a part of the weight-loss surgery process. This indicates that patients are on the path to a healthier lifestyle. The most common changes people experience are in taste, smell, and appetite. Loss of appetite is desired, but the change in smell and taste is a secondary effect.

Foods and Tastes Affected by Changes

The changes in taste that the patients experience are not with all foods. There are certain types of foods for which the taste preference of patients change. Patients experienced change in taste when they ate foods like pork, fish, roast meat, chicken, and even sausages. Obese individuals usually eat chocolate and greasy foods. However, post-surgery it was established that they do not desire these foods as much. The best part about the taste change process is that most foods that induce weight gain become less desirable.

Therefore, even though the taste preferences, smell, and appetite change after weight loss surgery, this is a good thing. It tells you that you are on the path to turning your life around in a healthy manner.

Weight Loss Surgery May Cause Changes in Taste

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