Debunking the Top Fat Loss Myths

There are many people who have been trying to lose weight for months. However, they still do not see significant results. This is not because their effort is insufficient but, rather, is due to some fat loss myths that have been going around for years. People who believe in these myths not only have a hard time losing fat but also end up damaging their health or injuring themselves. This is why these myths need to be debunked. Let’s look at the most common fat loss myths:

Lower Weight Intensity and High Reps Will Result in Fat Burn

This is one of the oldest and most common myths. Many people believe that they can burn fat by working out light weights and pushing out more reps per set. The truth is that their smaller muscles do get stimulated, but this does not cause more fat burn. To burn fat, one needs to stimulate the bigger muscle groups. For this, you have to lift heavy weights and push 10 to 12 reps only. This will stimulate large muscles, and they will draw energy from the body’s stored fat deposits. This results in fat burn.

You Can Lose Fat Without Gaining Muscle

You will hear many people at the gym saying, “I don’t want to get bulky; I want a lean body.” They try to lose weight but do not want to gain muscle. The truth is that one cannot lose fat without gaining muscle. The difference is that when you gain muscle with fat burn, you appear lean instead of bulky. When you gain muscle, the muscles use the stored fat as energy to grow, hence leading to fat burn.

Starving Will Cause Weight Loss by Utilizing the Stored Fat

This is one of the silliest fat loss myths you get to hear. In theory, it sounds simple enough to stop eating and then allow your body to use the fat as energy. But in reality, your body works quite differently. If you stop eating, your will begin conserving energy. Instead of burning fat, your body will begin storing more. This results in weight gain and even disrupts your metabolism.

Resting for a Single Day Will Deplete Your Results

Many people tend to exercise every day without fail. They believe that if they take a single day off, they will end up gaining weight. In actuality, they end up with injuries and no results. This is because the body does not get time to recover from the exercises they are doing. The best thing to do is to work out hard one day and rest the next. This alternating-day routine will give you plenty of time to rest, and you will see excellent results.
Now that these myths are busted, you can make an informed weight-loss effort.

Debunking the Top Fat Loss Myths

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