Can Prebiotics Help You Lose Weight?

In simple words, prebiotics are indigestible fibers. These fibers make your gastric system more suitable for probiotics. Probiotics are a type of bacteria that is beneficial for the digestive system. They help break down food so that it is easy for the stomach to digest it. Prebiotic fibers are also thought to help with weight loss. There are quite a few reasons why prebiotic fibers help one lose weight. Let’s go over a few of them:

Prevents Overeating

Fibers are extremely beneficial for your body. They are not digestible and remain in the stomach for some time. In addition, a small amount of prebiotic fibers give the stomach the feeling of being full. This keeps you from overeating.

Therefore, you are more likely to go about your day without the need to eat a lot if you consume prebiotics. Prebiotic fibers are a great way for people with eating disorders and weight problems to control eating habits. Fibers even tone down the digestion process. So, any other food consumed with fibers is likely to remain in the stomach for longer.

Calorie Count

Prebiotics slow down the digestive process and make you feel full. However, the fibers don’t possess any nutritional value at all. Moreover, they don’t contain any calories as well. This is why fibers aren’t a good source of energy for you. They remain in the stomach for quite a while and then just pass through the digestive system. Regardless of the fact that fibers have no nutritional value, they are extremely healthy for the human body.

Ideal Time to Consume Fiber

The best time to consume prebiotic fibers is at breakfast. There are many studies that suggest that people who have managed to keep their weight under control for years consume fibers at breakfast. This is because fibers give the stomach the sensation of being full. If prebiotics are consumed early in the day, you won’t feel the need to eat for a great part of the day. Moreover, fibers also help adjust your bowel movement system.

How to Consume Fibers?

Fibers are available in many forms. You can either eat oats or cereals that are high in fiber content. You can also consume whole fruits. The pulp is basically the fiber. If you just drink fruit juice, you are getting the nutrition, but no fiber. You are more likely to feel hungry after a few minutes.

Eating prebiotic fibers is a great way of managing your weight. So, use the abovementioned tips to consume fibers to induce weight loss.

Can Prebiotics Help You Lose Weight?

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