How to Shrink Stomach Size Through Diet

It has always been a medical debate whether your diet can actually make your stomach bigger or smaller. Really though, if you eat a lot your stomach will get bigger, so why wouldn’t it get smaller if you ate less? Benjamin Franklin believed eating less helped you live longer. Also, it helped with your brains comprehension. If you are really interested in how to shrink stomach size through diet, there is a way.

Some foods make you feel more full but take up less space in the stomach. Generally these foods are high in fiber and protein. You can also drink plenty of fluids with each meal. Foods that are high in fiber include many fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains. Keep in mind many of those foods are filled with carbohydrates as well so try not to go over board. Foods that are high in protein are meats, poultry, fish, and nuts (those are high in fat as well). It would serve you best to have a balance of both high fiber and high protein. Fats are not a bad thing when they are consumed in moderation, after all they do keep you full longer. If they keep you fuller longer and take up less space your tummy is going to begin to shrink.

People often debate about portions, or they mention certain portion sizes for each food group and so on. The main goal when shrinking your stomach is to eat no more at each meal sitting than 1 pint. If you eat more than that in one sitting, your stomach is going to have to expand to hold all of the food. More food=bigger stomach, less food=smaller stomach.

Eating times are almost as important as how much you are putting into your body at one time. We have established that eating no more than 1 pint at each sitting is the recommended amount for shrinking stomachs. Additionally, eating at the same time and evenly spacing meals from one another is the best way to shrink stomach size as well. You should have 3 meals daily, and if you so choose to snack make sure it is something small 100 calories or less. Again, sticking to an eating schedule is the easiest and best way to shrink stomach also.

When you are looking to shrink stomach size it can be done through diet. Eating no more than a pint per sitting, evenly spacing meals apart throughout the day and sticking to the eating schedule you choose that is best for your lifestyle is the best way to go. Make sure that you do not SKIP meals, especially do not skip meals and go out to an all you can eat buffet. Binging is probably the worst thing you can do to your stomach and your diet.

How to Shrink Stomach Size Through Diet

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