Post Weight Loss Surgery Eating Advice

After surgery you are going to be sore and unable to do the things you could do before. When cleared to eat solid foods again post weight loss surgery, you will want to eat differently than before. So after surgery it will be extremely important to focus on your diet. A wholesome diet will speed up recovery time, prevent complications, and unnecessary weight gain. Whole foods are going to be the key to a wholesome diet during this sensitive time. Foods that are whole, will be unprocessed, with little to no preservatives.

The benefits to eating a wholesome diet post weight loss surgery

The benefits of eating a wholesome diet, especially after surgery will speed up your recovery time, meaning less time laid up. Whole foods will help your body get the nutrients in their purest, raw form giving your body the nutrients it needs to heal. On that note there are certain foods that possess healing properties. Eating wholesome foods will prevent you from having post surgery complications as well. Whole foods will prevent you from gaining unnecessary weight and will have you back on your feet in no time.

What foods are wholesome?

Wholesome foods describe things that are unprocessed with little to no preservatives. Fruits and vegetables are whole as long as they are not canned, bagged, or boxed. If you absolutely have to choose one, frozen will be the best way to go, with the least preservatives. When preparing things like vegetables try not to use things high in sodium or salt. Sodium will cause water retention and swelling. Whole foods will contain much needed vitamins and minerals. Meat can be a whole food, when you buy it unprocessed, not seasoned, and in the deli or meat aisle. Try to stay away from frozen, pre cooked, or pre seasoned.

Your post weight loss surgery shopping list:

When shopping, finding whole foods may be a challenge, a great way to find what you need and stay away from temptation is to shop on the perimeter of the grocery section. By sticking to the outer areas you will find your fresh produce, your raw untouched meats, your fresh sea foods, dairy (things like yogurt, almond milk, and reduced fat cheeses are the best dairy), eggs, and wholesome juices (orange, pineapple, and healthy shakes and smoothies).

You want to make sure you are eating each nutrient and not leaving out anything. Get plenty of protein like fish, chicken, and turkey. Complex carbs such as brown rice, red potatoes, and quinoa are good. Simple carbs abundant in vitamins and minerals include most fruits and vegetables. A good way to get both protein and carbohydrates is through beans – black, pinto, white, and kidney. That is also excellent in fiber. You also should have some dairy. The best way to have dairy with good lipids and protein is through almond milk, coconut milk, and soy milk.

The weight loss surgery process is not easy and the recovery can be even harder. However, your post weight loss surgery advice is to eat a more wholesome diet. A diet that is not processed and has little to no preservatives. It helps to eat food with alot of vitamins and minerals such as fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein. Continuing a lifetime of these foods will help you stay healthy, lose weight, and keep a healthy weight.

Post Weight Loss Surgery Eating Advice

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